About Us

Türev Steel Products is a commercial company providing special steel products that could be the solution to different customer purposes, in addition to standard steel products manufactured with International Quality Standards references. It also provides products of all groups directly from local and international manufacturers. The company does not have any direct association with intermediary firms.

The team roots of Türev Steel Products are derived from different expertise of main steel production methods like hot milling processes and cold drawing. Our team is mainly focused on research and development studies on new markets, steel products, and evaluating the possible effects of the latest developments in international steel production on the manufacturing processes of customers. Thus, our company broadens its knowledge on the market and technical procedures through constantly updated heap of information.

The consumption data of customer companies regarding product, standard, size, and amount are constantly evaluated in our database and correlations are built among similar supply points. The lowest stock, the best delivery and service models in terms of logistics and product supply are evaluated, so that supply habits and demands of customers could be managed hand in hand.

Our main strategy could be summarized as “choosing the right standard steel materials or ensuring the material optimization in steels used with specific steel preferences, gathering the correct data on product consumption of customers, decreasing the customer input costs such as stock costs, staff and relevant financial costs by improving informed supply” through analyzing the manufacturing processes of our customer companies.

In terms of supply services; companies that have production facilities in other countries than the country where their headquarters are based could have raw material or semi-finished steel goods delivered directly to their own production facilities or subcontractors in 55 countries.