Quality - R & D

While our company improves its supply operations in different kinds of steel, it also analyzed the procedures and production facilities of the companies from which it buys products or to which it sells products. Therefore, it collects feedback from all parties and new production outputs are provided to parties who do not know each other through benefiting from the production procedures of each other.

This system helps our suppliers to increase product variety and as a result we buy more products from them. The companies we supply, on the other hand, facilitate their production or carry out some procedures of their production in cooperation with use in other countries. In the end, both parties reach new and profitable trade and market forms with lower costs and higher production outputs.

Thanks to research and development activities, the products designed and produced by our company reach the final product stage through different processes according to the type of the product.

1. The products that are completely designed by our company;

We specify the spare parts with steel raw material that are appropriate to special shaped steel profile in form and the special steel profile with the closest design to the final part that could be manufactured is done. After that the final part form that is to be reached over the semi product on CNC machines is subjected to necessary heat treatments and delivered to the customer in such form to be directly installed to the machine.

The products that are included in this group are in different sizes between 1mm and 25mm, and vary between 300 and 400 Series Stainless Steel Group, Alloy and Non-Alloy Steel Groups, Titanium and Titanium Alloys, Copper and Copper Alloys.

These spare parts are used in various weapons in defense industry, medical equipment, furniture, air compressed pneumatic components and parts, manual and electronic devices, hinges and related frames, automotive components, and generally all machinery.

In such products raw material and semi products are provided internationally and final product is contract produced by us domestically.

2. The products that are completely designed by the customers;

In this process detailed spare part technical designs are shared with us in cases where the demanded production exceeds the process capacity or costs are high in different conjunctures, and production conditions in foreign countries are evaluated taking the product quality into consideration. As soon as the appropriate final product manufacture process is provided in terms of quality and costs in foreign countries, a sample spare part is produced out of the steel raw material that meets the quality requirements in terms of trade and production. This spare part is delivered to the customer and mass production begins in the foreign country involved following the approval of the customer.

In such processes, raw material and final product could be manufactured in different factories, domestically or internationally.

In general, our company is not only a material supplier but also a qualified partner company that can carry out joint projects with new production methods in all steel related fields.