Supplier Relations

You can share information with our company about the steel products you manufacture as well as various spare parts produced from steel and you consider having relatively lower costs than the production costs in other countries, and all your commercial potentialities. The priority order of our company is firstly your production quality as well as international customs and fees; secondly, your detailed guarantee conditions and international contracts samples that contain these conditions; thirdly, your logistic solutions; and finally your sustainable pricing policy.

The suppliers who have not previously worked with our company are expected within the ISO28000 Supply Chain Security to fill in the Form “2016-SQS/F1” containing the contact and company information. Upon agreeing on the quality of products and other commercial issues, the document “2016-SQS/F2-2/2” shall be asked from you. The information shared in the forms could be checked and verified by our auditory solution partners before the order or anytime you prefer.

Controls could be demanded with regard to document “2016-SQS/F3-3/3” In order to improve our commercial relations and trade security with the partners we work constantly within the notion of continuous improvement.

Document No. 2016-SQS/F4 is used for instances of wrong product notifications with our constant suppliers. You can share your control systems that are similar to our control systems and thus arrive at mutual results and agreements. Sharing similar control processes on these issues will prevent loss of time and improve our commercial relations.